This site is created using the Joomla! CMS.

This first offering allows you to request a copy of Mark Passio's ARK to be sent to a UK address from the UK.

I will be taking requests from Europe very soon too.

I have made this available as soon as possible, even though the site is not finished, as I am keen that as many people as possible get the amazing information that it provides.

I plan many more changes so please return soon.

  • Checking username to remove silly adverts!
  • Sovereignty
  • Blog
  • Alternative colour schemes
  • EMF
  • 5G
  • Health
  • Cannabis
  • Any interesting suggestions

Please bear with me as I am still learning how to use Joomla!, I have yet to get to grips with CSS formatting.

I will be listing the latest changes here :-

25th October 2019

  • ARK instructions re-issued.

23rd October 2019

  • My Articles now sorted alphabetically.

22nd October 2019

20th October 2019

  • Created a module.  OK, it's just the standard 'Hello World!' one and only on the testing site but I'm creating a module that shows a user's own articles.

11th October 2019

  • Smoothing the rough edges ...

9th October 2019

  • Layout changed, menus moved ...

8th October 2019

  • CSS totally redone!

6th October 2019

  • Minor tweeks to css.

5th October 2019

  • I'm sharing databases even though that was not my intent, great care is needed.

4th October 2019

  • Site cloned, so I have a separate testing site now.

1st October 2019

  • Even more button colours changed.
  • Still more to do!

29th September 2019

  • Home button fixed.
  • Button colours finally sorted.
  • Safari colours now working too.

27th September 2019

  • Forum page now full screen.
  • Home button on forum menu only works twice!  WTF?

26th September 2019

  • Radiation from a Smart Meter article created.
  • New category SmartMeter added..

25th September 2019

  • JCE re-configured fpr PHP.
  • Configured the Kumana look & feel to match the rest.

24th September 2019

23rd September 2019

  • Minor error in the login sequence fixed using php insert for a redirection.

22nd September 2019

  • Login sequence changed.

18th September 2019

16th September 2019

  • Users can now register and login after a confirmation email.

15th September 2019

  • Added a Security Certificate for 

13th September 2019

  • copied components/com_content/views/article/tmpl/default.php to templates/protostar/html/com_content/article so that I can create my own article for my downloads article as tables don't seem to work very well, especially in Chrome.
  • Testing access level added.
  • Download article set to that access level.

9th September 2019

  • Formatting changes to set link background etc.
  • Added 5G articles.

8th September 2019:

7th September 2019:

  • Added Testing drop-down 2 levels menu.
  • Live and ready for sending copies of Mark's ARK.  Maybe!!!

4th September 2019:

  • Making the pages have the same overall format!

3rd September 2019:

  • Using CSS a little bit more,
  • Copying the ARK added to the main menu.

2nd September 2019:

  • Using CSS for background colour,
  • Menu re-worked, Contact and Site added; Robin Walton removed.
  • New article about local installation of Joomla! (for testing changes before going live).

31st August 2019:

  • The instructions may change, particularly regarding sending and returning drives.



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