There are a lot of misleading statements being made about this topic, the biggest of which is the industry statements that there are no health risks associated with the technology.

It doesn't matter which telecoms company you ask, they all say its totally safe.

I intend to only make factual statements that are verifiable.  (see: EE's statement)

Unfortunately, the main stream media sings the same tune, and in the vacuum this creates, most people are, not surprisingly; following social media, talking to their friends, listening to their beliefs, all in the absence of independent, believable voices.

This is despite the genuine scientific research with literally hundreds of research papers (See: Bioinitiative 2012 Summary & Peer-reviewed scientific studies on EMF related subjects) written over the last many decades showing serious health issues with the current technology.  It was even known in the 30s that there is a very strong correlation between the arrival of electricity and the rise in the number of cases of cancer, which was virtually unheard of before that.

To be continued...


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