I have created this web site as a result of many factors :-

  • I'm very concerned with the way 5G is being rolled-out globally.
  • I have friends who are EMF sensitive.
  • I'm very suspicious about the accuracy of opinions being expressed in the main media and social media.

As a result, I have bought myself an EMF meter so that I can get some understanding of the current situation, which is much worse than I had previously realised.  I have chosen the GQ EMF-390 which is available in the UK for around £110.

From this device, I can capture the data and I will be uploading it here in due course.

Since then I have discovered that my depression is seriously affected by the electrical frequencies given off by all electrical equipment and wiring.

In particular in the week that my meter arrived I had been researching 5G on my laptop.  As the battery isn't particularly good, I was charging it as I worked.  Due to the location I had selected, this was off an extension lead.

When I measured the EMF I discovered that my laptop generates huge electrical frequencies when it is charging.  There are magnetic frequencies too.

Even more surprisingly, an extension lead which is plugged in and not even powering anything generates huge values.

I was depressed and not thinking clearly at the end of this week; I put it down to the content of the research I had undertaken.

When I first switched off the extension lead, my mind-fog and depression lifted unbelievably.

I was sceptical about what some people were saying about EMF sensitivity, but since this experience, I am much less sceptical.

I now never use my laptop when it is charging.

Not only has my depression improved immeasurably, but it is a great way of reminding myself that I've bee too long on the computer!


My intent is to provide facts based on 'proper' scientific research with some advice and guidance.



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